Mekons history

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Mekons start out in the Leeds scene

Original lineup included Jon Langford on drums, Tom Greenhalgh and Kevin Lycett on guitars, Ros Alien on bass, and Andy Corrigan and Mark White on vocals


October 29/30: Recording of Never Been In A Riot / 32 Weeks, Heart and Soul

Lineup: Andy Corrigan, Mark White, Ken, Tong, Ros Allen, Jon Langford


January 20: release of 1st single Never...

?? release of: Where Were You

Lineup: John Langford (dr), Roz Allen (b), Kevin Lycett (g, voc), Tom Greenhalgh (g, voc), Andy Corrigan, Andy Sharp, Mark White, Mary Jenner and others



28-30 August : Recording of: Work All Work / Unknown

September: release



January recording in Halifax: Teeth / Guardian + Kill / Stay Cool


April: release of Snow / Another One

Release of 2nd LP:Devil Rats And Piggies A Special Message From Godzilla

Lineup: Jon Langford, Kevin Lycett, Tom Greenhalgh, plus Andy Corrigan (vox) , Mary Jenner (bass),

Chalkie (Mark) White

Sept. / Oct. touring in Germany Netherlands etc.

Andy C. and Ross Al leave after the album.

Sally Timms record with Pete Shelley

Jon Langford and Brendan Croker do the Dim Subooteyo album


Release of: This Sporting Life

Lineup: Jon Langford, Tom Greenhalgh, Kevin Lycett (???)

They cease doing live performances (Last gig: Anti-Nazi League benefit)


Release of a live version of Guardian

Release Of The Mekons Story

Three Johns: first single


release of THE ENGLISH DANCING MASTER (recorded by The Mekons at K G Studios, Bridlington, East Riding, May 1983)

Lineup: John Gill, T. Green, J.D. Langford, Kev Lycett, Dr. Spence, C. Stewart, M. White


Jon Langford et al form Three Johns, Peel sessions, Live shows in England, First LP

Miners strike bring the Mekons back into existence. They start to suport the strike with lots of benefit shows.


Three Johns tour Europe

Release of Fear and Whiskey

Mekons tour England

New Mekons lineup includes: Sally Timms, Steve Goulding, Lu Edmonds, Susie Honeyman, Eric Bellis (Rico Bell)


Release of several singles/EPs:

Crime And Punishment

Hello Cruel World / Alone And Forsaken

Slightly South Of The Border

New LP: Edge of the world

Oct. Nov Tour in Europe

US touring (with Rico Bell)


LP: Honky Tonkin

Tape from US tour on Roir called: New York (recorded in 86 and 87 - as an Octett)

Steve Goulding goes to USA


LP: So good it hurts

Mekons tour Europe in April and again in September

Sally Timms and the Drifting Cowboys: Somebody's Rockin My Dreamboat

Summer tour in the USA

Jon and Tom release the Jelly Bishops


LP: Rock N Roll (Major label debut)

Europe in April

USA in July / Dec.


Kevin Lycett leaves

Release of FUN 90


Relase of Curse of the Mekons

Extensive touring Europe April / May

USA tour in June/July

Start of occasional gigs (short tours in USA (July/Nov.)

Jon Langford and a nucleus of the Waco Brothers do some gigs as homeini Lightbulbs, later as Elephant Ears to get some money as he starts in the USA

Steve Goulding stayed through the recording of "Curse," but left by the Summer 1991. John Langley on drums and Ruth Corchran on bass, both on loan from the Blue Aeroplanes. Lu Edmonds also departed around then.

The Mekons toured again that fall, by which time Corchran was gone, replaced by Sara Corina.


US Gigs in fall

Jon Langford moves to Chicago


Mekons join Quarterstick, their record label until now.

Release of: I (heart) Mekons

Jon Langford joins Killer Shrews, short touring in Europe, break-up

By summer 1993, Mark LaFalce had appeared behind the drumkit.

Few gigs in Nov


Release of: Retreat from Memphis

Touring for retreat as a 5-piece-band


Sally Timms: Land of Milk and honey

Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Misery loves company(Johnny Cash covers)

First Waco Brothers album: To the last dead cowboy

Oct 95 Rico rejoins band, few shows


Release of: Pussy, King of the Pirates

Mekons do an exhibition at Polk Museum Florida followed by the release of a CD and a book United

Gigs in Chicago etc.

Sept. Rico Bell: The return of ...


Little Touring, just a few US shows

Waco Brothers album: Cowboys in flames

Waco Brothers 10-song-album: Do you think about me

Jon Langford's active with Waco Brothers, producing his first solo album Skull Orchard

September: recording of a new album: ME


February: release of Jon Langford's solo album Skull Orchard

May 19th Release of ME

June: touring USA

Jon Langford: Skull Orchard

Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Bob Wills tribute

August: Jon Langford: Gravestone EP

Oct. Nov. short tour in USA

Dec. few gigs in England

Jon Langford does several gigs with Skull Orchard and Waco Brothers throughout the year


Feb 23rd Release of Waco Brothers: Wacoworld

Release of the Mekons: Heaven and back - a compilation

Wacos touring in May

Fall: more releases:
Where Were You? Hen's Teeth and other lost fragments of unpopular culture Vol. 2
Rico Bell: Dark Side Of The Mersey
Sally Timms: Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments for Lost Buckaroos

Wacos toured throughout the year, Sally Timms did several weeks of touring in Oct.


January: First cooperation Langford-Steve Earle: support of the Anti Death Penalty Movement in Illinois

February: Waco Brothers, Sally Timms and Chris Mills tour the UK

March: Mekons Tour in the USA

Release of 'Journey To The End Of The Night'

March 16th: SXWS Austin: Mekons, Waco Brothers, first appearance of Jon Langford's Six Proud Walkers (with Gurf Morlix)

June: Sally Timms opening for Doc Watson at the Old Town School Of Folk Music in Chicago

June 16th: the executioner’s last songs, Jon Langford invites several friends to this show of songs about crime and murder (on behalf of the Illinois Death Penalty Moratorium Project)

July 15th: Mekons appear at the Old Town School's Folk & Roots Festival, along with Pattie Smith and Richard Thompson (unplugged)

July: New cd by Jon Langford and Sally Timms: False Hopes

November: Mekons tour in England, including a solo night at the Spitz in London

Several shows by the Waco Brothers and Sally Timms towards the end of the year

Several exhibitions by Jon Langford throughout the year

Waco Brothers release: Electric Waco Chair

Rerelease: New York

Jon Langford: Great Pop Things (comics)

January: Sally Timms tours the east coast along with the Waco Brothers

January 21st: One of the few appearances by Rico Bell (San Francisco)

February 24th: Show and exhibition with Jon Langford and Rico Bell, Dylan's Pub in San Francisco

April: Mekons Tour in the USA, including several gigs at the west coast

September 9th: Benefit for the Las Colinas school in El Salvador (in connection with Dylan's Pub in San Francisco): Pine Valey Cosmonauts with guests: Paul Burch, Sally Timms, Ryan Adams etc.

September: Waco Brothers tour in Australia

Rerelease of: 'Curse' and 'Rock n Roll'


Feb: First appearance of jon Langford and his Sadies in Toronto

Feb: Appearances Of Jon Langford and Rico bell in san Francisco, exhibition

March 4th: single Mekons gig at the Fitzgerald's

PVC live performances with the Executioner's Last songs in May and July

Release of : Pine Valey Cosmonauts: The Execuioner's Last Songs

August: Mekons: Oooh

September. LYRICS BOOK: 'Hello cruel world'

September :25th anniversary tour USA

Release: Waco Brothers: New Deal

November 25th anniversary tour Europe

December: Art show and concert: Jon Langford & Kevin Coyne

Jon Langford: Executioner's Last Sobfs Vol. 1


Jan/Feb: Short tour of Jon Langford / Sadies / Waco Brothers through Canada and East coast USA

Feb 4th: Release of: Jon Langford and his Sadies. Mayors of the moon

Jon Langford: Executioner's Last Songs Vol. 2 and 3

March: Waco Brothers / Sadies / Jon Langford and his Sadies / Sally Timms in Europe:

July 11, special acoustic show at Martyr's Chicago

July 18: Release party: Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Executioner's last songs pt. 2 & 3 at Schuba's

Friday Oct 10th at The Clocktower, Croydon: Tom Greenhalgh did his first solo show, accompanied by LuEdmonds


January Jon Langford tours with Ship and Pilot (his New York band)

January 1oth: relaease of PUNKROCK

February 7: Bloodshot 1oth Anniversary

March: Mekons tour (East and West Coast, incl. SXSW)

April: Release of: Jon Langford: All the fame of Lofty Deeds

Pine Valley Vosmonauts: Barn Dance Favourites (feat. Johnny Frigo)üö

March Mekons tour USA

April mekons tour Scotland (England?)


January: Jon Langford and Sally Timms tour Australia

Jon Langford & Richard Buckner: Sir Dark Invader vs. The Fanglord

Kevin Coyne & Jon Langford: One Day in Chicago

Waco Brothers: Freedom and weep


August Mekons tour England 

October 6: Wee Hairy Beasties: Animal crackers

Jon Langford: Nashville Radio (CD and book)

March 9: Jon Langford: Gold brick


Natural (August 21)

October Mekons tour in USA


January, February Mekons tour in England

Wee Hairy Beasties: Holidays gone crazy

September: Katjon Band

Waco Express: Live & Kickin’ at Schubas Tavern


July, August Mekons tour in USA

December 4: Rosie Flores & Jon Langford: Girl of the century


August Mekons tour in Europe (England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

August: Jon Langford: Old devils

August-October: Jon Langford tours USA

Mekons Tribute CD: "I've been to Harehills and back"


January/February: Jon Langford tour with Jim Elkington in USA and England

April: Skull Orchard Revisited (with Burlington Welsh Male Chorus)

May: Mekons tour in Europe with Sadies

August/September: Jon Langford touring with Skull Orchard Revisited, book readings and art shows

Ancient and modern (September 27)

September/october Mekons tour in USA

November Mekons tour in Europe (first gigs in Germany after 20 years)


April: Jon, Sally and Rico Minitour in England

April, May: Waco Brotherts tour

Waco Brothers & aul Burch: Great Chicago Fire

May: Three Johns Reinion Tour

July 7: Will Oldham does Mekons cover show (Chivalrous Mekons) in Lexington KY

October: Jon Langford tour with Roger Knox in US


April: Rico Bell exhibition at Thomas Mastzers GalleryMay Mekons tour in England,

June: Roger Knox & Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Stranger in my land

July Jon Langford' Threesome with Maimone, Goulding

September: Jon Langford tour in USA

October 5: Freakons (Freakwater/(Mekons) at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

November 15: Premiere of Revenge Of The Mekons (Joe Angio) in NYC


April 1: Jon Langford: Here be monster

June, August: jon Langford tour in England (incl. Glastonbury)

July: Jon, Saly and Robbie Fulks in Chicago

August Mekons tour Scotland with Robbie Fulks (Mini Mekons)

October 10: Jon Langford's Bad Luck Jonathan at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

October 29: Revenge of the Mekons is show in NYC on 5 days, jon Langford gig with Jean Cook

November: Jon and Sally: David Bowie project in Chicago


March/April: Waco Brothers tour in USA