Dark Side Of The Mersey* (Bloodshot 99)
Rico Bell & The Snake Handlers


01 Merseysong
02 Bar where noone talks
03 Cold comfort
04 Hear the sirens call
05 The rose from your garden
06 The whole thing stinks
07 Going through the motions
08 Swing high swing low
09 Tragic eyes
10 Travelling on the dark side
11 Big River II
12 Yippie IO

Recorded and mixed in Leeds during December/January


Philip Brennan (one time 'Three Johns' bass player): lead guitar
Hugh Whitaker (ex House Martins): drums & percussion
Phil Mayne (Mook Records):on Bass guitar
Roddy Johnston (Bag-piper extraordinaire) on Fiddle
Rico Bell: accordions guitars vocals etc.

Also appearing:
Mark Creswell (ex Brendan Croker & The Five o'Clock Shadows/ Tanita Tikarum etc.)on guitars engineering & co.production
Barkley McKay (a one time member of the re-formed 'Pretty Things')on keyboards

Recorded & engineered by Mark Creswell at PeeBee's Garage Leeds / Mixed at PeeBee's & Touchwood Audio Leeds by Mark Creswell & Bruce Wood / Produced by Rico bell & Mark Creswell

*Rico Bell was born in Wallasey which is on the dark side of The Mersey River opposite Liverpool




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