The Mekons:
Rock 'N Roll



Memphis, Egypt                   03:35
Club Mekon                       03:27
Only Darkness Has The Power      03:27
Ring O'Roses                     04:05
Learning To Live On Our Own      04:34
Cocaine Lyl                      02:49
Empire Of The Senseless          04:33
Someone                          02:43
Amnesia                          04:28
I Am Crazy                       03:27
Heaven And Back                  03:15
Blow Your Tuneless Trumpet       03:56
Echo                             04:31
When Darkness Falls              03:53


1989 - LP on Blast First
1989 - CD on Rough Trade (Germany) (RTDCD 132)
2002 - CD-Rerelase on Collector's choice, Christgau's linernotes

Produced by The Mekons and Ian Caple. A&M cut "Ring O' Roses", "Heaven and Back" from the U.S. edition; instead, they appear domestically on a pair of promo-only 12"s

"Here's to a band that deals with the facts of life in their 10 short ugly years," carolled The Mekons on 1987's HONKY TONKIN', clocking a decade beginning with the DIY-punk classics "Never Been In A Riot" and "Where Were You" and ending with the third album that showed their mutation into a ragged, renegade country-roots collective who used the emotional and confessional kernel of country music to write eloquent songs of alienation, dispossession and drinking in a Thatcherite society much like The Pogues use Irish folk. THE MEKONS ROCK 'N' ROLL is a typically deceptive title; guitars once again spit and crackle with near-punk aggression, as do Susie Honeyman's violin and Messrs Langford, Greenhalgh and Timms's bucolic voices. But songs like "I Am Crazy," "Amnesia" and "Memphis Egypt" are still country-orientated - only more frayed and frustrated - while beautiful early ballads like "Cocaine Lil" and "Learning To Live On Your Own" sting harder still.

- Martin Aston

Q, Issue #38 (November 1989) 


Steve Goulding
Tom Greenhalgh
Susie Honeyman
Jon Langford
Sally Timms
Mr. Knee
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