i am crazy

i though i'd like to die where i was born
but i've been kicked out with no money
you said my voice sends shivers down (put splinters in) your spine
the sound of failure and cold water running
i tried to sleep but couldn't in the storm
i called for you but knew you wouldn't come
send me a remedy for this thing i'm feeling
i just can't sleep
dreams black and blue i am crazy
someday i know i'll fly away just like a sparrow
at night i go and walk out in the fields
my singing even makes the stones cry
i know you'll come back when you've had enough to eat
(you'll) hold me close like you might kill me
with a gun or a knife or a whip or a stone
bury me with five hundred others
but in the evening i'll still stand at your gate
you'll (just) see me and turn away