when darkness falls

why must you talk so loudly when i am on your mind?
my caution's lost to vengence as you snore
now i'll cut out your tongue 'cos you have said enough
watch the blood drip down the wall as darkness falls
it took seven days to catch that man
who's stolen from me twice
seven hours of questioning and calls
now i'll cut off your hands 'cos they have gone too far
watch that ring roll down the hall as darkness falls
see the (little) children outside playing
hear their voices sing
flowers in my hair and pockets
swinging on that swing
will you take a taxi?
will i make you walk?
we make big decisions every day
i'll chop off your head
your thougts have all turned bad
make you bend and make you crawl as darkness falls
i'll pluck out your eyes
'cos you have seen too much
you know you should be ready when (as) darkness falls