The Mekons:
Retreat From Memphis


Eve Future 05:01
Lucky Devil 03:00
Do I Know You? 03:13
Insignificance 03:47
(Conversation With Boche)
His Bad Dream 03:01
Our Bad Dream 03:12
The Flame That Killed John Wayne 03:41
Ice Rink In Berlin 04:58
Spinning Round In Flames 04:42
Machine 03:58
Hostile Mascot02:35
Chemical Wedding 03:58
Spirals Of Paranoia 05:16
Missing You All 01:00
Submerged 03:15
Soldier 03:38
Never Work 03:40


1994 - CD Quarterstick (USA)
1994 - CD on Rough Trade (Germany) (159.1758.2)

The Mekons, once Leeds punk rock indie legends, enter their eighteenth year of recording as Chicago punk rock indie legends, having relocated to the Windy City and jacked themselves up with fresh enthusiasm. RETREAT FROM MEMPHIS is about their 9th (?? or 90s?) album and features a sound rooted in almost everything rock, from the gutsy yet ethereal Lucky Devil to the, well, gutsy yet ethereal "The Flame That Killed John Wayne." They sound like punk, they sound like rock, they sound like nothing has changed them and they sound like this is their debut album; they go on about rock and Chicago and love and a few topics that make no sense at all. They are The Mekons.

- Jimmy Nicol

Q, Issue #95 (August 1994)


Producer Ducky

Bass Sarah Corina

Drums Mark La Falce (Agit Pop)

"Willy" Goulding

Engineer Dave Trumfio

Mike Hagler

Guitar Dave Trumfio

Sally Timms

Jon Langford

Tom Greenhalgh

Piano Susie Honeyman

Vocals Sally Timms

Jon Langford

Tom Greenhalgh

Sarah Corina

"Mitch" Milligan

Barry B.

Synthesizers Tom Greenhalgh

Background Vocals Dave Trumfio

Mike Hagler

"Gomez" Henderson

Electric Guitar "Sammy" Ladvig

Acoustic Guitar "Sammy" Ladvig

Fiddle Susie Honeyman

Samples Mike Hagler

THANKS to Dan O'Connell for those lyrics!!

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