A hologram of a naked man's eyes batters round the room
Fix you in their sites, proof of existence
A giant stirs to swat a fly that's lost its best defense

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't
Don't drink that coke, It's really bad for you

A word slips out in Dallas in 1963
Spawns an industry - Conspiracy
Initials ten feet tall just reenforce and underline

If they can kill, what would they do to me
Stumbling into their attention

Walk into the shadows - dim concealment
Down in the valley, the rich and the powerful

Blood runs down the blood hole
Here's the burden, here's the proof
It's disappearing

A giant stirs the whirlpool as it closes on the truth
Insignificant, insignificance

You have the right to lie awake at night
Don't think that I am paranoid enough

Walk into the shadows- insignificance, insignificance

Well the future is empty as a dead girls eyes
Eve Future staring into clear blue skies
She takes a lick from the carrot on the stick
History says, there's always got to be a fall guy

Another white belly up
Another name to forget
We've been to Memphis
Now let's see what we've got left

I will be a civil servant
You can be the bad cop now
False dawn on the horizon
The whole thing smells, but she can't even tell
Here's the good news, here's the bad
To feel no guilt, to hold no
Like a night in chess with tunnel vision
Wanting history to ..... the blame

We been talking underwater
Down in the valley, gasping for breath
Eve future, she lives in the future
She's in a wheelchair, she don't really careDown in the valley - the rich and the powerful