A hologram of a naked man's eyes batters round the room
Fix you in their sites, proof of existence
A giant stirs to swat a fly that's lost its best defense

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't
Don't drink that coke, It's really bad for you

A word slips out in Dallas in 1963
Spawns an industry - Conspiracy
Initials ten feet tall just reenforce and underline

If they can kill, what would they do to me
Stumbling into their attention

Walk into the shadows - dim concealment
Down in the valley, the rich and the powerful

Blood runs down the blood hole
Here's the burden, here's the proof
It's disappearing

A giant stirs the whirlpool as it closes on the truth
Insignificant, insignificance

You have the right to lie awake at night
Don't think that I am paranoid enough

Walk into the shadows- insignificance, insignificance
Down in the valley - the rich and the powerful