United available: July 9, 1996 Gatefold Soft Cover List: 47.95 ISBN: 0-9649621-1-x

10 1/4" X 7 1/2" 200 page collection of writings, art and critiques.
Including 59 color illustrations (25 full page) and 32 black and white illustrations.

Welcome to the world of Mekons. One of the most influential, creative and critically acclaimed bands to come out of the late '70's punk movement. Formed in Leeds, England in 1977, Mekons have released 13 full-length records, 5 EP's and 9 singles. They have always attempted to break the boundaries of both music and art with their actions.
Never confined to the world of "Rock 'n Roll", the members set out to pursue further artistic mediums including painting, photography, film, a collaborative novel and collaborations with other artists, such as the recent Vito Acconci piece Theatre Project With Rock Band, peformed as part of BAM's Next Wave Festival last fall. Mekons also completed a work with Kathy Acker entitled Pussy, King of The Pirates, released on Grove Press/Quarterstick Records in January, 1996.
Mekons' new work is a book of, for, and about the Mekons. 200 pages including excerpts from Living In Sin (the infamous Meons novel-in-progress), full-color reproductions of Mekons' paintings and stills from films, along side writings by Terry Atkinson, Greil Marcus, Lester Bangs and more. The book will also contain a 71 minute 23 track CD of Mekons' music - all new material! The CD will not be available anywhere else ever except with this book.
Mekons United will be touring museums and galleries around the country in 1996 and 1997, starting at the Polk Museum of Art in Florida.

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Reviews of this book from the Chicago Reader and Mojo.

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