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Edward the second and the Red Hot Polkas


Dawn Run
Little Left Lew
Swiss Boy
79th Highlanders Farewell To Gibraltar
Blue Blue Morning
Another Fine Mess
The Walls Of Butlins
Mr. Prime's Polka
3 hand Reel
Sophie Bourbon's Hornpipe


guitars: Jon Moore, Tom Greenhalgh, Barney Stradling
drums: Steve Goulding
Percussion: Danny Stradling
Bass: John Gill
Melodeons: Dave Haines, Rod Stradling

Recorded at the Firehouse, Aug 22-23rd 87
Engineer: Zuni
Engineers assistant: Mike
Produced by Johnm Gill and Tom Greenhalgh
Cover by Ken Lite

Two Steps To Heaven

Edward the second and the Red Hot Polkas, 1989

Brimfield Hornpipe
Swedish Polka
Two Steps To Heaven
Bjorn Again Polka
Lovers' Two Step
Swing Easy
Staffordshire Hornpipe
Jenny Lind
Pomp & Pride
Untitled Polka
The Queen's Jig
The Steamboats
Stack Of Wheat

Here's a pseudonymous review written by Jon Langford from Q magazine's online review archives:

Edward The Second and The Red Hot Polkas Two Step To Heaven While the taut rhythms and purposeful consistency of 1987's Let's Polkasteady pleaded the case for traditional English dancehall reggae, Two Step is a far wilder and more whimsical can of worms. The melodeons and bass guitar still dominate but purists will be further outraged by the addition of sparse detached vocals, a mega-tight brass section and some earth-shattering knob-twiddling by the Mad Professor. On the opening cut Bjorn Again Polka they are sliced, diced and sampled by computer wizards The Irresistible Force for a 90 bpm bonanza. Lovers Two Step veers off into Augustus Pablo territory, and Jenny Lind features a fabulous one line vocal refrain from Lorna Bailey that is the closest E2 get to proper pop. If you thought the Roots revival was just a load of folk sitting on the floor pretending punk never happened, get ready to be rocked.

Charlie Dick

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