Mekons music:
Go To: Shows Archive, there you'll find plenty of stuff.

For those, who have never heard the Mekons, these are a few songs, chosen by Jon Langford, to bring you near that wonderful lonesome drunken sound:
All are from made from official cds/lps (with permission). I had to convert them with 64 kbit/s, because of limited space on my website. Each is about 2 MB.

More MP3s of unreleased songs:

Musical downloads from other sites


Go to and then go to 'artists' then 'The Mekons' then 'Mekons videos' at the bottom of the page: 3 Videos:

Ghosts of American Astronauts (3:53)
Hole In The Ground (4.02)
Memphis Egypt (3:38)


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