The Mekons:
So Good It Hurts

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I'm Not Here (1967)            04:32
Ghosts Of American Astronauts  03:47
Road To Florida                02:20
Johnny Miner                   02:39
Dora                           04:38
Poxy Lips                      03:09
(Sometimes I Feel Like)
Fletcher Christian             04:40
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Fantastic Voyage               03:12
Robin Hood                     03:23
Heart Of Stone                 02:59
Maverick                       03:44
Vengeance                      01:49
Revenge                        03:05


1988 - LP on Sin/Cooking Vinyl (UK)
1988 - LP on Rough Trade (Germany) (RTD 66)


Bass Brendan "Staff Nurse" Croker
John "Tahitian" Gill
Ken Des Essientes
Drums Steve "Buzz" Goulding
Engineer Brian C. Pugsley
Guitar Jon "Johnny Minor" Langford
Tom "Brian" Greenhalgh
Brendan "Staff Nurse" Croker
Dick "Sir Dickie" Taylor
Ken Des Essientes
Keyboards Jon "Johnny Minor" Langford
Piano Dick "Sir Dickie" Taylor
Percussion Jon "Johnny Minor" Langford
Vocals Sally "Hood" Timms
Jon "Johnny Minor" Langford
Tom "Brian" Greenhalgh
Brendan "Staff Nurse" Croker
Eric "Rico Christian" Bellis
Ken Des Essientes
Organ Robert "Sigmund" Worby
Accordion Eric "Rico Christian" Bellis
Fiddle Susie "Dora Honeyperson" Honeyman
Melodeon John "Tahitian" Gill


The Good Ship Mekon has been shambling slowly onward ever since their early days as pioneers of the junk punk DIY ethic, in the process travelling through ever-shifting personnel changes and idiosyncratic musical styles. On this LP they seem to have put their recent infatuation with country music on hold, choosing instead to further explore the good grooves of reggae and cajun. The quality of the songwriting, however, is not up to the task, and suggests that The Mekons have been less than stringent in the quality control department. The well-documented humour and steadfastly right-on attitudes cannot compensate for the fundamental flimsiness of most of the songs here, only three of which manage to scale the dizzy heights of the quite good. Johnny Miner is a pointed and haunting sliver of skeletal dub, FANTASTIC VOYAGE is an enjoyable musical skirmish between skiffle and calypso, and Poxy Lips approximates the sound of The Fall being sucked into the Louisiana swamplands by the shuffling rhythms of zydeco.

- Paul Davies

Q, Issue #19 (April 1988)

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