Fantastic Voyage

Every night from my window
I see the lights all over town
I'll meet you in the boneyard
after the sun goes down
I need the medicine only you create
I need - I need it now

The temptation on the street
is more than any saint could stand
I have to bite my tongue
and keep on walking straight ahead
you have got to draw the line between
what you want and what you need

Up in the clouds
(Aaah up in the clouds)
down in the dirt
it's so good
so good it hurts

Lying in the dirt
Looking up at the twinkling stars
struggle in the darkness
with the buttons on my shirt
this is meant to be a painkiler but
it's so good it hurts

Chains and incense fill the air
but I'm nowhere near a church
pull my knees up to my chest
and have the nightmares of a child
this is meant to be painkiller but
it's so good it hurts