The Mekons:
Original Sin


Chivalry                         04:03
Trouble Down South               04:15
Hard To Be Human Again           03:59
Darknes And Doubt                05:14
Psycho Cupid                     02:52
(Dancebird On The Edge Of Time)
Flitcraft                        03:23
Country                          02:54
Abernant 1984/85                 02:21
Last Dance                       03:12
Lost Highway                     03:02
(A Dancing Master Such As)
Mr. Confess                      06:02
Beaten And Broken                02:55
Chop That Child In Half          03:23
Hey! Susan                       02:37
Garage D'Or                      01:48
Slightly South Of The Border     03:42
Coal Hole                        02:37
$1.000 Wedding                   04:04
Rescue Mission                   03:00


1989 - CD on Rough Trade (Germany) RTDCD 105
This album compiled all of Fear and Whiskey along with parts of The English Dancing Master, Crime and Punishment and Slightly South Of The Border


CHIVALRY is the opening track on side one of the Mekons' Fear and Whiskey LP. It was recorded at Lion Studios in Leeds with Tony Bonner and features Vocals from Tom Greenhalgh, bass and guitar from Ken Lite and Jon Langford respectively while Susie Honeyman plays the fiddle. This and other recordings at Lion date from the Winter of 1984/85... An apology from a comrade for his unspeakable behaviour. He feeis he has lost his honour and our respect.
TROUBLE DOWN SOUTH first appeared on the Mekons Story LP on CNT as a duet for synthesiser and robot performed by Ken Lite and Piers Storey. This Version was recorded at Topic Studios, London in December l983with Ken on vocals. The Mekons are joined by Sabine EX on accordion, Dolph Anonymous on guitar and Terry Nelson and Ralph Mulcahy on walkie-talkies. Jaqui CaIlis hits the high notes. John Gill, Dick Taylor and Tom Greenhalgh mixed it... Oh President Oh CIA why must we be punished for crimes we did not commit?
HARD TOBE HUMAN AGAIN as CHIVALRY with Jon joining Tom on lead voc-als and a special appearance by Carlton B. Morgan with his harp... The unknown role of the shamen in the political history of Britain.
DARKNESS AND DOUBT was recorded on the same day as CHIVALRY with Jon playing guitar... A benefit concert for striking miners is mismanaged by Leeds Council-niks while a friend runs naked on IIkIey Moor.
PSYCHO CUPID (also referred to as ,Danceband on the Edge of Time'> is part two of the Mekons' ongoing social surrealist soap opera. Shelagh Ouinn nar-rates while Carlton B. and Robert Worby join Jon on drums, Ken on bass and Tom on piano with guitar and saxophone accompaniment that puts some zing in the swing.
FLITCRAFT ...destroy your safe and happy lives before it is too late.
COUNTRY ...These days you don't have to leave home to be in exile.
LAST DANCE ...dust on the needle, it's a teenagers curse.
5 pictured hereLOST HIGHWAY Side Two of Fear and Whiskey was recorded and mixed one fine spring day in 1985. The line-up on all tracks (Left to Right) Ken Lite: Guitar, Lu Edmonds: Bass, Dick Taylor: Lead Guitar, Susie Honeyman: Fiddle, Gnasher: himself, Jonny Boy: Vocals, Harp,Guitar, Tommy Greene: Vocals/Guitar, Steve ,Little Willy' Goulding: Drums. Just outside the frame are John Gill: Renegade Marxist Analysis and Jim Chap-man: Logistics.


MR CONFESS was recorded, mixed and edited by the Mekons at Ken Giles' 8 track in Bridlington for the CNT EP The English Dancing Master which was released in the summer of 1983. That mysterious and enigmatic 12" set the agenda for the Mekons' SIN output. John Gill plays the melodeon and sings, Dr. Spence narrates, Chalkie J. White rants while Tom, Jon and Ken get the job done... When you're down, you're down.
BEATEN AND BROKEN... Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. CHOP THAT CHILD IN
HALF... Fight for a woman 5 right to choose.
HEY! SUSAN... a deeply pessimistic song - the system will get you in the end inspired by Thomas Hardy's novel Jude The Obscure. These three songs were recorded while Little Willy and Susie were out of town so Jon plays drums and Stoke Newington Jr. guests on fiddle. Tom (5 joined by Sally Timms on vocals and Robert Worby plays his little Organ. Recorded and mixed one day late in 1985.
GARAGE D'OR (staken from the SIN LP Edge of the World. Sally narrates, El Jefferson mixes.
SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF THE BORDER (5 a spedal mix by Steve Forward and introduces Rico Beil and his accordion... If you put a pin in the centre of a map of the British lsles you will probably find Leeds.
COAL HOLE features strident lead guitar from Pretty Thing Dick Taylor and 8 vocal from Jonboy... When Hank Williams died in the back of his car at New Year 1952 53 suddenly he was everybody's friend.
$1.000 DOLLAR WEDDING was recorded at Offbeat studios Leeds by Tony Bonner with deputy Mekon Brendan Croker on slide guitar and backing vocals. Rico joins Tom on the choruses of this Gram Parsons ballad.
RESCUE MISSION was recorded live at the Sidmouth Folk Festival, August 1986. The narration (5 by FX guitarist Terne Hessle and sound engineer Cobie and the tune (5 played by Tom, John Gill, John Moor and Dave Haines.
Post-Productions by John Hadden
Liner notes written by Colin Stewart, January 1989
Compiled by The Mekons
All songs published by LOW NOISE MUSIC and composed by the MEKONS except Lost Highway >Leon Payne> published by Fred Rose Music, Inc. And $1,OOO Dollar Wedding Gram Parsons) published by Wait and See Music.

You'll all have known the feeling that sometimes makes you sad... lying all day all night only knowing the fee) of 5km or sheets never opening the shutters to the sunlight. The bottle and the glass lie empty... a small stain has spread across the carpet and you know outside (5 darkness again... and then you hear a sound above the growl of cars crawling through the steaming ram: in a bar down the street a band begins to play... the sort of music that drags you from your sweat soaked bed and makes you want to put your clothes on and maybe take ,em off again a bit later... Sensational... But not so fast meatball... A drinker (5 full of dreams... dreams so full of drink they can't stand up... trembl-ing you untwine your naked body from the sheets as another dying days light fades into neon... these days hang as thick as the sodden nights... avoiding the crushing gaze of the mirror your hands slack with shame you shake the shards of glass from the underdothes rubbing numbly at the stains trying to pull nothing together... from the night beyond the drawn shades a drum roll, a dis-tant chord chiming like a death knell; your blood moves - only the music can speak for a soul in such depths. Winter comes to Chicago cutting through the love-knots like the judgement of Solomon. Outside the red wind sears the jangling night: reeling through the neon haze you stumble across the street-automobiles blare, in the dazzle of their lights your shaking fingers find the door... down the stairs through the spinning dark, the heat slams against your crushed dothes, your pulse pounding, you fight through the brawl at the bar to the deep back corner of the room... a hillbilly orchestra of eight pieces dres-sed in ill-fitting mexican jackets and purple shirts smiles glassily into the fog of cigarette smoke - your spine is an electric arc as the music roars around your aching head and floods into your heart...

Late night sitting at the bar revulsion shuddering thru your body as you try to recall who it was and what you said - knowing you've talked too much once again... are you remembering dancing that time... your face flushed as you held hands... laughing... the sting of death (5 sin and the strength of sin (5 the law, there (5 nothing more dangerous than a confident man, your thoughts staggering without direction, staring at the pools of liquor on the chipped bartop, realising you can trust no-one, something you once read somewhere... ,1 only know that he who forms a tie (5 lost. The germ of corruption has entered his soul'... your elbow slips from the bar.


The last dance

The dance floor's nearly empty now
Everyone's gone home
We're fragmented and broken up
Like love affairs
And as I see you for the first time
Something whispered
Looking at you in desperation
Knowing nothing ever happens
I wanted to say fall in love
I wanted to say fall in love with me
I wanted to say fall in love

It'll be alright

So beautiful, you were waltzing
Little frozen rivers all covered in snow
All fragmented and broken up
Oh, well, I guess it's time to go

"Beaten and Broken"

from "Crime & Punishment" EP (1986)

Somebody woke me this morning
I didn't know where I was
The person I spent the night with
Just looked at me and sighed

I caught a train to Sheffield
But in my mind I was already in hell
I betrayed a friend
Beaten and broken to the end

Me, I just rolled over and died
Thinking about the things that I've done
Where you know they don't need to be repeated (?)
'Cos I lived there in a haze of disgust

Repeat chorus

Night goes so slowly
And the days they go so fast
I'd love to pass out on your shoulder
'Cos we're deep in a pocket of love

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