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Jon Langford at the Book Cellar, Chicago, 16AUG06


*** Mekons ***

Friday Nov 27

Revenge of the Mekons - a film by Joe Angio
- rough 25-minute work-in-progress -

House Theater Company at the Chopin Theater Chicago (After the performance of"All the Fame of Lofty Deeds" )

*** Jon Langford***


New Book

Sat. Nov. 21st IL Chicago The Chopin Theater
Sat. Nov. 21st IL Berwyn Fitzgerald's Appearing as The Skull Orchard with the Yellowhammers
Sun Nov 22nd IL Chicago History Museum ( More information, Tickets)

All the fame of lofty deeds - Jon Langford's music put to theatre

Thursdays to Sunday til Dec 20th, House Theatre Chicago

Reviews: Chicago Tribune, another one

Jan 22nd: House of Blues NEW ORLEANS with Bonerama as band (Offbeat awards ceremony)
Jan 23rd: Chicky Wah Wah NEW ORLEANS Jan 23rd with $1000 Car as band
Feb 4th: Fargo Records PARIS France (artshow and acoustic thing)
Feb 6th: Da Vinci's NEWPORT S. Wales: first 25 thru the door get a free signed langford art print

Feb 14th: Lincoln Hall CHICAGO (Skull Orchard with The Rooks)

***Waco Brothers***

Jan 15th: Martyrs CHICAGO

***Pine Valley Cosmonauts***


*** Wee Hairy Beasties***

**Steve Goulding ***


***Rico Bell***

Sept 19 Yard Dog Gallery Austin w./Waco Brothers

Oct 2nd, Swedish American Hall san Francisco w./ Jon Langford, Sally Timms, Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Rosie Flores

***Susie Honeyman***

***Sarah Corina***

Out on KOI Records, Houston, Texas .


Remix EP via

S T R I P L I G H T  Mailing List (Little Sparta perform their own score live to Lotte Reiniger's 1926 film The Adventures of Prince Achmed
March 19th to 22nd - The Little Angel Theatre

For up-to-date info, demos, flyers etc, visit the web site):

Striplight's first DIY single Still Beating is now available
online and at gigs.
Full details Can be heard at:

*** Sally Timms***

Oct 2nd, Swedish American Hall san Francisco w./ Jon Langford, Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Rico Bell, Rosie Flores


NEW Releases:

Waco Brothers: Waco Express - Live and Kickin' at Schubas Tavern
Jon Langford Tribute CD: Levitation (Buy it on Buried Treasure)
Reissue of 'Mekons Story' (April 8th)
Lu Edmonds' Blue Blokes 3: Stubble


There's a great book concering the Mekons. Titled "Hello Cruel World," it's a collection of their lyrics (around 120 songs), many of them hand-lettered and illustrated by the band, plus reproductions of handwritten lyric drafts (complete with crossings out, etc.), and great photos of the band by photographer/US tour manager Anne Lehman.


Verse Chorus Press of Portland, Oregonhas published NASHVILLE RADIO, a collection of Jon Langford’s artwork and writings, in February 2006. Packed with hundreds of lavish full-color reproductions of Jon’s paintings and etchings, it also contains lyrics, excerpts from THE EXECUTIONER’S LAST SONGS spoken word performance and an exclusive acoustic CD of Langford performing the songs that relate most closely to his artwork.


Natural CD

There'll be an instrumental EP exclusively downloadable from RHAPSODY with songs from 'Natural'

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