Our discontent, Oooh! these lonely cries
Seasons change, why do you never ask why?
Our dissent, throw another log on the fire
My descent cracks the pale watery sky
I spend the evening in a long white gown
I held the red fruit shining in my hand
Winter, winter
I'll put the wheels back on
In the winter

The family of love is meeting
For the enjoyment of their fellow craetures
An ocean of beings wwith no sin in them
I hear the demon
Can't fight the demon
Oooh! The demon in me
In the middle of the winter

I saw the belly of the beast
It was warm and open
Blood lay all around
I crawled inside
& Lay down to slepp
All through the winter

In the alehouse chapel
We drank and smoked all anked
Love is fire!
Deep in the winter
It's cold in the winter
So dark in ther winter

This endless winter