Vito and the Mekons 50% Song

Once I refused to talk. They forced me to sing for my supper. So I lost my voice, and I threw my voice, and I threw myself into their hands and mouths and bodies, and down their throats, and up their assholes, and through their veins. "Take me," I said. Though who could hear me with my tongue up an asshole. "Take me," I said. "Lift me out of my body and make my heart sing."

I wish they would wish they were meeting for the very first time. I wish they would wish they didn't recognize each other. Their minds go blank, but their bodies are hot and full of every other body but the one that's here. The loss of history makes them constantly curious and continuously horny. You mean you were here all the time? When all the while I thought I was all alone here stranded in the jungle. When all the while you thought that you were all alone here lost in the clouds. When all the while she thought she was all alone here lost at sea. When all the while he thought she was all alone here lost in space.

We are gathered here tonight as if in a city. Since the city has been wiped out we bring our own. Better yet we don't have to bring anything to this party. We make our own city as we go. We build it up, as we build ourselves up. Once a citizen is expelled from the city the citizen becomes the satellite city. Then two citizens together make a metropolis, and three citizens together make a country. Four citizens together make a world. Come and get me. I dare you. You've got the numbers. You've got the power. You can drown me out. I'm just a voice crying in the wilderness. But the bulldozers are coming over the horizon, and the builders are poised at the edges. Come and get me. I can't go home again. Come and get me. I'm not myself. Who am I then? Who's who anyway?
Lost in the crowd I found my way and founded a city to boot underfoot.

Never mind your own PC. What about your own PP? No, no that's not what I mean. I mean your very own personal performers. Have they left you in the lurch and gone back to join the band? Can your personal performer be in two different places at once? But if that's so, does that mean nobody has to move? Nobody move! Nobody move! At the same time-everybody dance!
Everybody dance!