Here comes pride riding for a fall
Have him washed down and brought to my tent
Dust him over and bring him in
It's time we started movin'!!
He's a fly with a broken wing
He's the vomit in the corner
The empty sky looks down on us all
As we crawl back into the furnace
Woo Woo Wah ooo ooo ooo
Woo Woo oooh!
Here's to a band that deals in the facts of life
In their 10 short ugly years
I wish the Mekons good fortune
I sold them fame and riches
And good health
I like my friends
I feel unfit for them
It makes me sad they'll all be gone
I hold the sword, I hold the hammer
In the winter of the world
History has a stutter
It says out!
Here comes the devil up the stairs again
Have him plug into my personal stereo
Watch out here comes lust and here comes fever
There goes the devil riding on a nun
He's a man that deals in the facts of life
In all his 10,000,000 years
I think I backed a winner
Chief Constable back on your head now!