Nice Julie waltz

The bit between your teeth
Splinters, bloody gums
Here's a professional army
A foothold in destiny
These philistines won't quit
With their missiles dipped in shit
Use them or you lose them
Raining fire and death
Rapid deployment
Less subtle enjoyment
We've got a million
The odds are a million to one
Great Satan's super states
Only fight beneath their weight
Black the eye of the future
Seed the wind with hate
Vital Interests
The Market shrugs and spends
Let loose the masked militias
With its clumsy pudding hands
Lock onto target
The lost and the starving
Killing with kindness
Some of them look just like me
The Bride Of Frankenstein
Lives again on world news at five
While the villagers run from the castle
And torch all their neighbours tonight
Expert ex-soldiers
Bask in the spotlight
Killing with kindness
As long as nobody gets hurt