There's a hole in the ground and it's 6 foot deep
The earth is black and the walls are steep
And the whistle keeps blowin' on the Sheffield train Breath like thunder, Cry like rain
I wish I had the money to make one last call
They wrote your number by the clock on the wall Well they don't make a sound
But the wheels go round in the night >Hole in the ground
Sledgehammer pounds out the light!
Raise my voice above the noise and
Tear my throat like sheets of paper
If the earth should open up
Is there really any wonder?
Do you really care anymore Johnny?
I don't know if I do dah
I woke up this mornin' to the sound of steel
There's a black van crawling up an empty street
And sweat is dripping in a tunnel so dark
With furrowed brow and blistered feet
there's a wheel off my wagon and a tolling bell
Axle dragging on the road to hell
>Been this way for so long now
I don't think I'll ever shake it
I can feel what little power
Gettin' less by every hour
I stood up above this town
and watched the rain come pouring down