Cowboy boots

Yesterday I waited for you all day
They told me that you'd never come
Remember the weather, the phoney winter
Raindrops run along the branches
You can't smooth things away with a word
Or wipe them away with a handkerchief
Tears are happy they flow a long time
Try to forget, never forget
Chaos stalks outside your vision
Destruction howls outside the gates
Thinking of nothing just looking down
At Cowboy Boots, cowboy boots
A glowing face shines in the leather
And slowly drowns in white pearl buttons
A flash of red, a slick of hair & cowboy boots
Mean what you say, say what you mean
Look in the book, can't find the word
Thinking down,s looking nothing
The bus was crowded the street deserted
The stranger's hand ran through my pockets
Plumes of smoke and muddy water