Sally Timms: Butchers Boy
Sally Timms and the drifting Cowgirls 'Long Black Veil' (TIM)
A Northern lady with a great deal of savvy makes out with some tasty variations of the country themes of death and infidelity. She's helped out by luminaries from the Leeds music scene, and nher follow-up is a Marc Almond composition which deals with the recent break-up of her clandestine marriage. Interesting.
STUART BAILIE, RM Nov 29, 1986

Take a butchers
Since our own very discernimng Stuart Bailie made favourable noiuses about Sally Timms EP 'The Butchers Boy' last week, it's been hgetting the thumbs up throughout the office. So we thoiught you might like to see a picture of the woman in question and a couple of her Drifting Cowgirls (Jon Langford pops up everywhere these days eh?) A 'classy collection of provocative songs in a distinct country mould that makes an incrible pleasant change.
INDEX, RM - Dec. 6, 1986

Ex MEKON ex SHEHE and goddess of the indie scene SALLY TIMMS rumoured to be just good friends with the hideous MARC RILEY. Laughably untrue, of course — La Timms would not willingly associate- with anyone in velcro flares.
NME Oct 18 1086

of SALLY TIMMS & The Dritting Cowgiris (Tlm I 1MT4), the likes of Jonboy Langford amongst them. Simple, sparse arrangements build sensitive countrytinged backdrops to Sally's sweet'n'sour voice at its emotional best on Dolly Parton's "Down From Dover' but good tAroughout. Stylised perhaps but successfull.
I want more.

Long Black Veil EP (TIM)
A MEKON or so in the saddle here, I'd wager, Jon Langford in particular. This is winsome! "Long Black Veil" is rendered with impeccable courtesy, graced by Bobby Worby's loving, plectrum illustrations. On "Butcher Boy", Jon Langford's adjacent powerchords add a flat note of irony, a mirthless cackle. Death and desolation stalk the West Yorkshire Metropolitan bus route; The Cowgirls make grim connections, finding folk as vividly as The Band Of Holy Joy. This is way over the hills from pop, perhaps too far to drift . . . maybe they're not courting publicity, maybe C&W is a deliberate, downwardly mobile choice. But this is worth going to them for.
DAVID STUBBS, MELODY MAKER Nov 22 1986 Sally Timms and the Driftiung Cowgirls unleash their own brand of 'full-throated English country and western music' by releasing a single called 'The Butchers Boy' on TIM (through Backs) this week.
SOUNDS, Nov 15 1986

Sally Timms and the Drifting Cowgirls 'The Butchers BOY EP' (Tim) Well paced set of toons ehich included a redering of 'Long Black Veil', a song which has also been revived by Nich Cave on his Kicking Against The Pricks record. Sally sings it in full daylight as opposed to Cave's bleajk setting, which gives it an edge over mere mimicry. Worth looking out for at least.
SOUNDS Nov 22 1986

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