Mekons Picture Gallery II

The following pictures I got from Rik Walton. THANKS a lot to him. You can view many more pictures on his own website.

And this is the information he gave me about the pix:
the live photos were taken around sept/oct 1979 in the "canteen", the students union gig at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. The photos were used with a review of the gig in 'Sounds'.
the other photos were taken in and around the house in Leeds that the band lived in, this was a commission from 'Sounds' and the photos appeared along with an interview by Phil Sutcliffe - they were taken april 1997 ( he means 79 - I guess, Nobby).

And this is Jon Langford's comment on these images:

The line-up of the band at that time was Me, Kevin & Tom plus Andy Corrigan (vox) who looks a bit like Howard Devoto and is smiling waving his arms about, Mary Jenner (bass) who replaced Ros Allen around that time and left after the Devil's Rats & Piggies LP (as did Andy) to play with the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra (true!) and Chalkie (Mark) White (vox) with the spiky blonde hair who wrote most of the lyrics and left just before we did Fear & Whiskey. The tall skinny guy with the longer black hair was our manager Mick Wixey and the photos were taken in the house where he and Kevin lived on Springfield Mount, Leeds 2. Mary now lives in the south of Spain, Chalkie is an art teacher in Kent (I think) and Corrigan is who knows where..

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