Videos from the Mekons 40th anniversary

- A Club Mekon project -

28th - 29th - 30th JULY 2017


(If you seee any mistakes, please tell me)

I have no videocamera or camcorder, I did the recording with the video function of my photocamera. There are some cuts, but not to may. When I'm finished this page will be remodelled, but for now: Have fun watching!

Biggest Loss: I lost the chip with the Hill Bandits recording. I had anticipated that special show so much. But: Maybe someone will find the chip, it was a blue one (8GB) You can keep it, but please send the data to me.

Les Triaboliques, Friday

Black earth boy
Gulaguajira (i, the dissolute prisoner)
Jack O diamonds
"War zone"
Don't let me be misunderstood

Mekons, Friday

Beaten and broken
Heaven and back
Simone on the beach
Last waltz
Hard to be human again
How many stars are out tonight
Now we have the bomb

Mekons Saturday
Current lineup, most rudimentary recording, songs missing due to own failure and the moshpit


Mekons, Saturday
1977 lineup

Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Saturday

Sally Timms, Sunday

Rico Bell, Sunday

Men Of Gwent, Sunday

Mekons, Sunday