Oh let's not think of tomorrow, lest we disappointed be
Our joys may turn to sorrow as we all may daily see
Today we may be strong and healthy, but soon there comes a change
As we may learn from the explosion that has been at Trimdon Grange
Men and boys left home that morning for to earn their daily bread
Never thinking that by the evening they'd be numbered with the dead
Let's think of Mrs Burnett, once had sons but now has none-
By the Trimdon Grange Explosion, Joseph, George and James are gone
February has left behind it what will never be forgot;
Weeping widows, helpless children may be found in many a Cot
Now they ask if father's lrft them, and their mother, she hangs her head
With a weeping widow's feelings, she tells the child its father's dead.
(Tommy Armstrong)

This song was written by Tommy Armstrong in the 1890s. Almost 300 Northumberland Miners were killed in the disaster. At the time this song sold over Two Million copies of broadsheet music.

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