Space in your face

The year they bombed the LA Times and paid the jury off with bribes. Did you need me to defend you? The year I came unglued. The thought of him in bed with you. Drank myself into the gutter.
I was tempted to believe.
When Im not practicing my craft I sober up in Turkish baths. Red-eyed and impeccable. We only met a month ago. I don't know much about you now.
You needed someone to befriend you. Well there you are and there you go. Under layers of winter snow. The bulbs are frozen in the ground. You know our time is running out.
I was tempted to believe.
Put my whole life in your hands. Reputation, everything. Well you knew my trust was absolute. Like an actor plays a part. 1*11 make the world think lignt is dark and maybe just convince myself.