He's a Sorcerer
before your eyes
cast a spell
out iof control

miraculous and magical
his world is also demonic
terrifying, swinging wildly
out of control

menacing, destroying
blindly as it moves
they repress both wonder
and dread at what they've made

he's a bourgois sorcerer

inh a million factories
department stores and mills and banks
dark powers walk in broad daylight
social forces driven in dreadful directions
whole populkations conjured out of the ground

oooh! the abyss is so close to home

there's an angel standing here at the end of this song, his eyes are starimng his mouth is open, his wings are spread, his facve is turned toward the past. Sees what was klearned. Where we perceive a chain of events he sees one single catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage up on wreckage hurling it in front of his feet. This angel here would like to stay and awaken uip the dead and make whole what has been smashed apart. But a storm is blwong from paradise. The storm propels him in to the future to which his back is turned while the pile of debris before him grows skyward. The storm is what w call progress.

oooh! the abyss is close to come