100% Song

This is a simulation of a song
are you ashamed or what?
here is cruelty so strong
cruelty without beauty

in your country ????
a paradise of violence
a paradise of nuffink
how come you taste so good?

a writhin and a moanin
just like money coming back again
you can't have too much money
oh no you can't hae too much money

people working all day long
now they're going out
to join us all in our song
for the industry of night
la la la
Jesus walking in the garden
we'd like to thank him for this song
we'd like to thank him for these beers
we'd like to thank him for our careers
(thank you Jesus)

dig him up and ask forgiveness
assembled on the ground like a man
he's the monster from Loch Ness
in a halo and a dress

people working

the wind and water are singing
wherethe naked are tied
from tip to toe
stroking delicate skin
la la la
thank you very much
ladies and gentlemen
it's been a pleasure
hope you come again soon

people working