(This is My space, I worked my arse off for this. I own it and I say what goes in and out.)

Don't make me bite
Me got split lip
Talking whore dog
Me hostile when threatened
Dog think brilliantly
It want to hurt me
It ate the pudding
Me want to hurt him
Me hear you wank
Me turn my back
Me running in sleep

(Instrumental break)

Pace alone wait for you come home all day
In appartment below children play fur on end
Up above creak ear pricks up smell young couple fuck
Bowl is empty food dry wait at window sniff door
Your scent makes me turn tail and hide guilty smells of punishment
Chew up sweaty shoes and panties essence of mastery
Your odour disgusts me but I roll over and beg
Give it to me wag wag fear in my eye piss drool on tiles