People say I'm happy and I like a drink or two
Suspended in the darkness I weep like a child
The Policeman smiled he was proud of his town
He knew he was the only law around
I called you on the phone a million miles away
They told me you had gone how long they couldn't say
I shut myself in a cupboard and put on your clothes

And as for you my darling there's nothing more to say
We talked ourselves to death just lie awake till daym
And in the mornin' sunshine I'll spit like a dog
And steal all your clothes while you're sleeping like a log
I sleep the sleep of faithlessness
Lying underneath your bed of nails
Listening to your cries in the silence of the night
>As your body crashes down above my happy smilin' face
Oh kind Policeman please take me to jail
My crimes arc as many as the lines on my face
The beds l've tossed and turned in
The goodbyes I have said
Stretch out like gravestones on the road ahead
I can't find my money
Oh no! I can't find my money ....