(All over my gorgeous body pleasure licks and thrills, nobody does it like Me, I know how to handle this here.: Me ... I enjoy My self, I have My own sweet way and care for nothing but Myself: rock hard, smooth as silk sooo sensuous, I reign down from above on the fantasy ridden world of every day reality)

Safe ways to move down time
Good teeth for juicy talk
Nice flesh to hold the dice
Clean clothes to hold the bones
Hard drugs to clear the mind
Firm friend to see you right
Big boys to roll the stone
Vodka to get you pissed
White face to shroud the facts
Deep ditch to hide the stuff
Clear water to wash the hands
Soft tit to suck and suck
Good girls to fuck and fuck
Pretty lads to make me come
Tall men to raise it up
Red horn to bring me luck
Plenty money bucks and bucks
Dark church with candles bright
Safe ways to move down town