love letter

an hour to kill so he picked up a pen
a sad smile spread across his face
imagined love that moved thorough time and space
the mars so red and bare
the pen scratched out the words "i need you"
and "i'll forgive you everything"
'cause everything's going to be alright you'll see
when you come back to me
the chest pains came and spread into his back
eyes closed he stretched out in the dard
exhausted from a hard night's sex
and from fighting off another shark
i'll betray you with my body
force feed you poison dressed as love
i'll dig your grave down by the sea
when you come back to me
open up doors and rooms appear like magic
lovely people walk the floor dressed to kill and built for war
oblige me and i'll scorn your every action!
offend me and you'll see just how much trouble i can be, my darlink
she raised the bottle and put it to her lips
the whisky burned and made her start
she crushed this letter down into a ball
so nothing could disturb her heart