There's no weapons left to fight with
On independence day
The sunshine over buildings
Steep as cliffs above the sea
The air conditioning just shut down
As we all left our rooms
For the showdown on the first floor
Down the corridor from me
There's no beer left in the bar room
Storm is blowin' in
There's no blood left in the Hospital
These men were drunk all day
The ants make trails along the walls
To carry off our skin
To the bank vaults and arsenals
The bathrooms and the bins
Bones inside my fingers arc sharp as razor blades
I'm not locked in here with you
You're locked in here with me
Feel so trapped and lonely
Nowhere left to go
We know we've been kidnapped
Now this place must Burn!
You see the rich folks riding
In flashy limousines
Ridin' through the ghetto
To the ring road shopping mall
But we'll go down to the city
Meet some people there
In the Albert and the Faversham
We'll go steppin' out