Crap rap

Here I was I was down on the street
I was feeling blue suede shoes on my feet
I nearly cracked under the pressure
Too much of my time seemed to be dull leisure
I wasn't going anywhere or just hanging around
I was looking for an answer with the question still unfound
I had to search for something, find a clue
I didn't know yet but I had something to do
Whatever I was looking for I searched it everywhere
Every place I'd been I couldn't find it anywhere
I realized this could be a clue
If someone wants to lie he won't tell you what's true
There has to be a reason for hiding the truth
Then I saw the answer hanging underneath the roof
Wall to wall ads, things we're told to buy
& when you can't afford it they'll make sure you try
I'd like to turn my back on the system I am faced with
But the next problem is the one that's going to replace it
Anyway, they don't need me anymore
Now they say I'm trash, but I've heard that once before
They thought I'd feel unhappy and ashamed
As they pushed me off the wagon of their money-making train
OK they don't want me, though I don't mind to work
I just don't want to be exploited or treated like a jerk
So here I am I'm down in the street
I do what I want to do & that's OK by me
I'm not going to crack down under any pressure
I won't fall in that crap-trap of hating my leisure