Ugly Bethesda

Coal tar circles on the back of a stone. Black pools of Standing water. Mother's lying down. Mother's lying down. Dad, he was a traitor.
Skin soft and pale with desire. Will you release me from my pain? Warm cider by your fire. Will you kiss me down the lane?
White railings round the grave are rusting. Weeds crawl through wire netting. A glass case protects artificial flowers. In the middle of the strike he took a breath. In the middle of life. we are in death. Blackened bricks and smoking chimneys. Blue slate hills steep and sliding. Mamas lying down, Daady's underground. Mamas lying down, Daddy's underground.
Back in ugly Bethesda, slate stone. Foundations of life. Muslin curtains blur the sight. Letting in grey winter light as the sun slides out of the sky.