Arthur's angel

We found the treasure but how do we spend it? What use is it to us today? Where I lie the madness swirling all around carried away.
There are angels in the story you can see, you can see. I wonder if you see the same as me?
Lines on maps lines of wire. Hope and pray no-one tries to leave their holes to come and save us. Still in silence wait and die.
And I wonder what visions you will see, you will see. I wonder if you'll see the same as me.
We named the guns, the manufacturer. The towns and countries they are made deep in the mud historical footprints, the national treasures of their age
And it's really just a story that's been sold, that's been sold. It's really just a story that's been sold
I was tempted to believe.
Now I stand here in a daze over famous people's graves. Brushing petals from the stones. Get away from me you slimy pimp. Well this isn't what you think. You know you're guilty as hell. So believe me when I teil you you're a free soul.