Ugly Bethesda

Far from the sea where the water runs dry I had a minor breakdown. There's a score of ruins within a morning's walk. I had a minor breakdown. Nettlesgrowing thickly inside the crumbling wafls. I had a minor breakdown. I'm gonna wander around. I had a minor breakdown. Listen to the birds screaming in the sky. I had a minor breakdown. LÜrcling the buildings in the dark of night. 1 had a minor breakdown. Lost in the fandango and the enticing plumage of exotic Dirds...

How well do we know each other? I feit like Satan on Tudgment Day. I wander the scorching Darren wilderness of this world. I cant stay put and I can't keep still. When the time is right I'm gonna fly fly fly and close my eyes. When the time is right I'm gonna fly fly fly and close my eyes behind. When the time is right I'm gonna fly fly fly and close my eyes behind the mask of nothingness
Sitting on my suitcase somewhere you shouldnt be wiping sweat from my brow somethingi you shouldn't see they said wait right nere dark zones of control won't be much longer now, now the bodies All the streets. ive got a feel for this place step out into the rain I'm
gonna wander round this quarter has no name find a place to sleep blunder in and on to the centre of town I had a minor breakdown I heard evil whispers in the gloom poisoning the scent of darkness.
Galloping along through the wind rain and sun. A prince of the Edwardian sporting scene. Sunny days village cricket tailors in London. Slow trains horse races. Nostalgia a sepia glow
Now Im sitting at home reading magazines. Reading my imaginary rites. I want to teil stories.I want to teil stories. Dumb anonymous and barren. Everything important that I have done can be put into a little suitcase. Theres anotner layer I omit or reiect that must be brought to the table. You cant assume anything.
The mask of nothingness. The mask of nothingness.
Atrocity that never goes away. None shall
slumber or sleep. Crawling up the muddy l, dropping like flies.
Today we shall war against the roaring of the sea. Look back toland and see sorrow. The light will be darkened and they shall come with speed. Ancient and modern tomorrow.