EXTRA show for reunited 3 Johnnies

+ they headline Crow Point Festival Newport Gwent on the 16th of Sept
and appear on Marc Riley's Radio 6 show on 14th of the same

with special guest support from:

The Green Room Theatre
Friday 15th September 2006
Doors 8.45pm.
£5adv more on the door…
Green Room box office tel: 0161 615 0500 and Ticketline tel: 0870 44 44 800

When the Earth Aches
When the People Need
Call it Destiny
Call it Fate
Call it Stupid
Call it Fat
Reverberating down through Time
The Return of
The Three Johns

There is a legend that, in the 80s, when the nation was low and
dishonorable, there came three men striding like giants across
post-punk’s political dreamscape. Wading through mud, beating each
other with guitars, The Three Johns brought a dirty shaft of gold
into the lives of anyone they encountered. Now, in the time of
awaiting, they have returned to lift your gaze back towards the Sun.

Original fans, beware, they have added a third note to the set.
This can frighten! So come, by all means, but bring a flexible mind
and a creative careless…

They've been classed as 'more surreal than Leigh Bowery and the
Mighty Boosh' by Designer Magazine, whilst taking hints of 'Devo,
the Cure and the Buzzcocks in their sound' by High Voltage!

Carving through the ranks of
miserabler-than-thou-power-chord-chugging-pub-rock bands are
Band(ism). Any whiff of pretension indicated by the parenthetical
name is confirmed by singer Robin Nature-Bold in a creepy Porno
Whistling Bob Harris-esque drawl: "We are an audio art project, we
dress in white to represent the blank canvas which then projects
music. We wear masks as a ironic jab at the anonymous nature of the
generic band member." Nature-Bold concludes: "Entertainment won't
save you" but it does help to make your evenings a bit more
Teddy Astley, Flux Magazine, 06

They've supported the likes of The Young Knives, Viva Voce,
Polytechnic, Wild Billy Childish & The Buff Medway’s, Bobby Conn &
The Glass Gypsies, Holly Golightly and are planning to become tour
support for The Archie Bronson Outfit (Domino Records), later this

The Firebrats
"Arsonists in the papier maché house of rock and roll" Straight
out of the frying pan and into the fire, an intrepid team of
gallant teens set about making a noise unlike any they have ever
heard/created before. Witness the "so fresh they're-still-burning"
sound for yourselves: Tom, Luke, Dean and Tree are The Firebrats.

The Green Room, 54-56 Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5WW
www.myspace.com/sapromotions & www.myspace.com/autotestpilot