Various Artists :
(ROIR - RUSCD 8296)




Jimi Alexander & The Satellites - “Invisible Man”
Electric Bill - “Hard Times”
Alison Clash - “Tubby Brothers”
The Ash & The Oak - “The Country Is Young”
One String Loose - “Nashville Radio”
Blind River Scare - “Walking on Hells Roof (Looking at the Flowers)”
The Sodamen - “Blink of an Eye”
Brynhyfrd Road Arkestra” - Lllamas in Lllanyrafon”
The Grief Brothers - “Dollar Dress”
Lone Pine - Workingman’s Palace”
Guto Dafis - “Pill Sailor”
MOG - “Death of the European”
Give Me Memphis with Andrea Lewis - “Millionaire”
Quim - “Deep Sea Diver”
The Church of Langford Choir - “Tom Jones Levitation”

They assembled some of South Wales finest artistes to celebrate the life and work of Jon Langford. Included are some stunning covers of Jons’ songs for The Mekons, Waco Brothers and Three Johns in addition to versions of tracks from his solo career.

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