Mekons (nearly complete)Discography: Compilations

This page is merely dedicated to Compilations. These were often released in very small quantities, so most of them are hard to find.

Release date Title / Label Mekons song(s) Comment link
1980 Rock Against Racism The Trimden Grange Explosion (Recorded during the RAR Dance & Defend Tour, London Chats Palace, November 30, 1979) 1980 - LP on Virgin, New Zealand [RAR 1]
Also released in Europe on RAR/Virgin [RAR 1]
1980 Fast Product--Mutant Pop, various artists Never Been in a Riot / 32 Weeks /Where Were You? 1980 - The First Year Plan, on EMI (EMC 3312)
1980? - LP/CS? on EMI, Australia [???]
1980 - LP/CS? on PVC, US [PVC 7912]
1983 They Shall Not Pass Fight the Cuts / This Sporting Life 1983 - LP on Abstract, UK [AABT 400]
1988 - CD reissue on Abstract Records AABT 400CD (1988)
Notes: From the record jacket: "This LP contains a selection of songs released by CNT Productions of Leeds between September 1981 and October 1983. It was compiled during the tenth month of the British miners' strike and is dedicated to the striking miners and their families. DEATH TO ROCK AND ROLL MONETARISM". Other contributors include the Newtown Neurotics and the Three Johns.
198 The Indie Scene '78 (1983?) Where Were You?
1984 Another Spark (cassette comp) 001 Is this the Way" (Live)
1984? Dig This: A Tribute to the Great Strike Flitcraft / Trouble Down South LP on Forward Sounds, UK [FORWARD 002]
1985 Communicate!!! Live at Thames Poly Help Me Make It Through The Night (Live) 1985: 2-disc LP
1992 Overground, Over28 CD
1985? Well Up... and Bubble Flitcraft / Darkness LP on Bigger Bank Balance, Holland [BALANCE 2]
1987 Mindless Slaughter (in aid of Artists for Animals) Grande Zombie (live in Chicago) (serial number: anhrefn 010)
1988 Till Things are Brighter / Fundamental (RAVE 3) Folsom Prison Blues -Mekons
Cry, Cry, Cry - Sally Timms
Johnny cash Tribute (Mekons as 'house band') Compilation
1988 The Andrew Noel Lin Memorial Trailer Park EP CL 004 After 6 (Baldy Gregson Folk Club-Gregson, Iowa June 1986) 7" given away w/issue #7 of Chemical Imbalance
1989 This is Not the Age of Aquarius; A & M CD 17946 I am Crazy IT's a pretty crappy compilation, that's about the only good song on it, and it's just the version on the A & M release of "Rock N' Roll." The best thing about it is the package, which is a pretty cool Kraft paper cardstock folding doomajiggy.
1990 10 Roir Years / ROIR Revenge
1990 radio ffn powerstation (1990) Ghosts of American Astronauts
1990 Alive in The Living Room / Creation CRECD001 Rock 'n' Roll Shoes - Mekons
AWOL - Three Johns
1991 Jagger/Richard Songbook Heart of Stone
1991 Rough Trade Music for the 90s, Volume 3 The Curse
1991 Knowing Where It All Leeds / Stolen Sounds BLAG 4CD Circle City
1992 Indie Scene 1986 Hello Cruel World
1993 Off the Street / Thank You Very Much Records [Thanks LP1/CD1] Millionaire Disc was sold to benefit the Off the Street fund for homeless young people in Leeds.
1993 Auron 2: Musical Tomorrows (1993) Wicked Midnight
1993 Born to Choose / Rykodisc, RAC 10256, (and CD) 1893 Born to Choose Born to Choose
1993 Lipstick Traces / Rough Trade Records [R2901] Never Been In A Riot / The building An entertaining soundtrack to Greil Marcus' Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century (Harvard University Press, 1989), a sprawling rumination on anarchist/dadaist outbursts in music and culture. "Never Been in a Riot" is reprised from the band's first 7"; "The Building" is culled from The Mekons Story. Marcus also writes about the Mekons in Ranters & Crowd Pleasers, a collection of his essays from 1977-1992 (Doubleday, 1993). Look for this stuff and more at his official website, where you can also learn more about the stage production of Lipstick Traces. It was an amazing show....
1993? Fun - Filth - Fury on Caroline Records(CAROL 1872) Work All Week
1993 Conmemorativo, A Tribute To Gram Parsons / Reprise Records CD 9 26108-2 $1000 Wedding
1993 Fast Product--rigour discipline and disgust Never Been In a Riot, Heart and Soul, 32 Weeks
1995 OUT LOUD / Knitting Factory Works - lc 5650 Lucky Star alt. version of Lucky Devil / for the human rights of lesbian and gays
1995 You Are What You Shoot / Mother Jones, Mojo 187 Machine
05.08.95 Rudy's Rockin' Kiddie Caravan Oranges & Lemons - Mekons
Bus - Susie Honeyman
Them Bones - The Waco Brothers
Hush Little Baby - Sally Timms
1996 The Lounge Ax Defense & Relocation Compact Disc / TG130CD Axcerpt
1997 Agitprop: The Politics of Punk Fight the Cuts
1998 Rolling Stone New Voices volume 23 Enter The Lists
1999 The Shit Factory: Greatest Punk Swindle Fight the Cuts
2000 Gimme Indie Rock v.1 Ghosts of American Astronauts
2000 The Entire History of Punk Fight the Cuts
2000 Magnetic Curses: a Chicago Punk Rock Compilation Fight the Cuts
2000 Fear of a Red Planet This Funeral Is For the Wrong Corpse Seka
2001 Lumptronic 3 Flip Flop Mating (version)
Feb 8, 2000 Seka: Sister, Vol. 2 Cowboy Boots [Exclusive Version] Seka
2002 Wish you were here: Love Songs for New York / Village Voice Records [VVR 001] Apple Recorded at the Caberet Metro, Chicago, November 8, 1991. Net proceeds from sales of this disc are donated to The September 11 Fund.
For a Life of Sin (BS 001) Jon Langford & His Hillbilly Lovechild: Over the Cliff
Iggy Yoakam & His Famous Pogo Ponies: Hole in the Ground
Good Morning Mr Presley / GAGAGONE, BLAG 4 Creepers, the Bomb Party and the Gaye Bykers (incl. some Mekons) Sleeve drawing by Langford
"Rig Rock Deluxe" Jon Langford Jon Langford appears alongside Buck Owens, Steve Earle, Del Reeves, and others, a musical salute to the American truck driver, available from the Diesel Only label of Brooklyn (through Upstart)
1,2,3,4 A History of Punk and New Wave 1976-1979 Where were you? 5-CD-box (Universal MCD 60066), UK
I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive: Hank Williams Revisited Alone & Forsaken
Wacos on compilation: (will be updated):
    Songs: Waco Brothers: Nine Pound Hammer


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