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Mekons and Three Johns: BBC Sessions

These informations were taken from a book giving detailed information about all those BBC sessions:
Ken Garner - In Session Tonight: The Complete Radio 1 Recordings (BBC, 1993)
I forward the stuff concering Mekons and 3 Johns, writing titles and names in the way they where given.


14/3/78 (broadcasting) Peel
Garden fence of sound, Where were you, Letters in the post, Lonely and wet, Dance and drink the Mekons, Dan Dare-out of space (it's a really nice place)
John Langford (dr), Roz Allen (b), Kevin Lycett (g, lv-3 only), Tom Greenhalgh (g, bkv), Andy Corrigan (lv, bkv-3 only) Andy Sharp (bkv-5 only), Mark White (lyrics, v)
7/3/78 (recorded)

2/10/78 Peel
Like spoons no more, Trevira trousers, What are we going to do tonight, Rosanne, I'll have to dance than (on my own)
Mary Jenner (bv), Allen & Martin Culverwell, Jo Barnett, Simon Best and Mick Wixey (bkv) 25/9/78

19/11/79 Peel
I saw you dance, Watch the film, After six, Beetroot

5/1/81 Peel
East is red (*), Weak chain, The building, English white boy engineer
Lycett, White, Langford, Greenhalgh, Pete Barker (g), Mark Wilson (v), Minou Myling (v), Jackie Fleming (p), Brendan Peacock (gv), & Bob Sargeant (p- 1 only) 17-12-80
* 'The East Is Red' was presented to Mark Wilson as a set of lyrics by Jon during a BBC John Peel session, December 1980. SM set it to music, played lead guitar and did the lead vocal. Pete Barker played bass. Jon was the drummer in Pink Peg Slax at the time.

16/9/85 Peel
Hey Susan!, Beaten and broken, Deep end, Chop that child in half
Langford, Stoke Newington Jr. (vi), Tommy Greene (v), Lou Edmonds (b), Ken Lite (g), Dick Taylor (lg), Rob Worry (k), Sally Smitter ((bkv) 3/9/85

31/7/86 Kershaw
After six, The story of nothing, I can't find my money, Hole in the ground
Langford, Lycett, Greenhalgh, Steve Goulding (dr), Suzie Honeyman (vi), Brendan Croker (g), Rico Bell (acc) 8/7/86

23/2/87 Peel
Danton, Skid row, Revenge, Sophie
Langford, Greenhalgh, Goulding, Lycett, Honeyman, Bell, John Gill (b, fd), Dick Taylor (g), Sally Timms (v) & Michelle Shocked (v, mnd) 10/2/87

Broadcaste date unkown Mayo
Hole in the ground, Vantastic voyage, Oblivion, You wear it well
Langford, Greenhalgh, Goulding, Timms, Taylor, Honeyman, Bell, Robert Worby (o), Ken Lite (b), Lu Edmonds (b- 3only) 24/2/88

Three Johns:

10/8/82 Peel
Pink headed bug, Lucy in the rain, Heads like convcts, No place, You'll never walk alone
John Langford (d,g), John Hyatt (v), John Brennan (bv), John Henry (tu, p), Tom Greenhalgh (g-2), Mark White (screaming-3), Stuart Curley & Jeremy Gilpen (bkv-4,5) 21/7/82

9/3/83 Peel
Fruit flies, Marx's wife, Windolene, Men-like monkeys, Sad house
Langford, Hyatt, Brennan; & Greenhalgh, Curley, Sally Timms (v), David Spencer (v) 5/3/83

7/11/83 Peel
Sun of mud, The day industry decided to stop, A public song for a friend under suspicion of fire bombing a private shop, Poo-poo-poodle Bourgeois/ Mouths to feed
& Greenhalgh, Dave Hunt (dm), John Ridley (hca -3,4 only) 26/10/83

12/11/83 Long
Teenage nightingale, Lucy in the rain, Kick the dog, Fruitless
6 musicians (uncertain) & Martin Pasek (hca-3) 27/10/83

30/4/84 Peel
Nightingales, Train, Junk, Bloop
& Greenhalgh, Mitch Hagar (bkv), Karen Hagar (bkv), Paul Griffiths (hca), Jeanie O'Toole (perc) 17/4/84

23/7/85 Peel
Demon drink, Coals to Newcastle, King car, Torpedo, Third world war
& Kate Morah (ob), Tom Greenford (p), John Ridley (hca), John Spence (v-5) 14/7/85

2/3/87 Peel
Key Largo, The book of the dead, Computer, Never and always
& Greenhalgh, Steve Goulding (dr), Sally Timms (bkv-2 only) 15/2/87

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